VCOM History

Volvo Communication, called VCOM, was a very important product developed by Volvo. Around 20 big, international companies bought VCOM from Verimation  in the middle of 90’s.

The development of VCOM started in the end of the 80s by Volvo Data. It was categorized as a message-oriented middleware (MOM)-product since messages ware sent between applications. Messages could be sent both synchronous and asynchronous which was very important. Sending and receiving applications didn’t have to be up and running at the same time.

VCOM had many competitive advantages such as easy to use since the API was consistent on all computer platforms. It had also support for all mayor IT platforms, for instance MVS, VMS, OS400, OS/2, UNIX and Windows.

VCOM had effective functionality for monitoring and operating large scale computer systems.

VCOM had already in the middle of the 90s strategically contracts with companies such as ABB, Pharmacia&Upjohn, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, British Gas, Wiggins Teape och Porsche. All of them among the leading companies in their branches.