Memo History

Björn Sellgren started to develop Memo 1979. He was then employed by IBM and installed the SNA communication system at Volvo. It started with a Help-program he created so that the operators could send messages to all users. He improved the Help-system so that users could send messages to other users and 1980 came the first version of Memo.

An important milestone was 1984 when Memo could send and receive telex. Other important improvements were functionality to send telefax, a PC-connection, gateways to other mail systems and API.

1987 was SIL (Scandinavian Info Link) created. It connected Memo users at different companies.

Memo was first created for Volvo but became a competitor to an IBM mail system when it was sold to other companies. Björn Sellgren therefore had to choose between IBM and Volvo Data. He decided to stay with the product and was employed by Volvo Data 1984.

1984 was the start for Verimation which was a company used to sell Memo to external customers.

1991 Memo had over one million users all over the world and it grew rapidly.

Today Memo is first of all used to send messages from mainframe programs.