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You have to sign our license agreement before you can use one of our products. Normally you accept certain terms and conditions during installation of software programs. We have it on paper instead.

We agree for instance to give you free support and free updates. You agree to use the product according to the license agreement, shall not alter, not change the product without the prior written consent of Verimation, not make copies, etc.

We usually send the agreement by e-mail as an attachment. You print it and sign it. You can send it back by ordinary mail or scan it and return it by e-mail.

We will return a copy signed by Verimation.

We have both java based programs and program interfaces (API) for different computer platforms and program languages.

Most customers buy our program Sigillet Xpress. The installation is really very simply. You just extract a zip-file.


You can normally test a product before you decide to buy it. If you are not satisfied you just delete it.

We have an initial start-up license fee and an annually, mandatory subscription fee which is 20% of the license fee.

The subscription fee includes free support and free updates.

All payments are due and payable 30 days from the date of the invoice.

You will get a link for downloading the product as soon as we get your signed agreement.


The program requires java runtime. Observe that you don’t need to install java, you can just copy the folders from another installation. You can in fact even run Sigillet Xpress, including java runtime, on an USB memory stick. You start Sigillet Xpress from a script file and you include the following command if you haven’t installed java.
SET PATH=D:\Java32\jdk1.6.0_17\bin;%path%
We haven’t had any problems with java versions so you can of course use a new version.

The installation includes 23 example configuration files for Bankgirot, Swedbank, Plusgirot and Edifact. It also include different configuration files for the Sigillet algorithm and the HMAC algorithm beside configuration files for different methods of sealing files and verify sealed files. All configuration files can be used directly without any further modifications so you can start and test Sigillet Xpress immediately.

The installation also includes 103 unsealed test files beside 62 sealed test files which are used together with the configuration files.

Sigillet Xpress have a user interface but normally it is executed from a script. The installation includes script examples for both Windows and Unix/Linux. With a script command you can copy all test files to for instance in-folders for Bankgirot. Another command is used to seal the files and the sealed files and be verified by yet another command. You can of course put your own test files in the in-folder and test it in the same way.