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What is VMail?

VMail is a new way to send and receive mail over the internet and was designed to address the gaping security and reliability holes in the Internet mail system that have greatly reduced its utility. VMail offers simple, secure and verifiable communication where:

  • VMail is utilized automatically between VMail-enabled sites, eliminating configuration hassles and errors.
  • Both sending and receiving sides verify one another.
  • Communication and message content is encrypted over the Internet.
  • VMail recipients see a visual indication in most mail clients that the mail is indeed a VMail.
  • VMail senders receive verification that the mail has been delivered.
  • All VMail can be tracked irrefutably to the sending system.
  • VMail, like Internet mail, is peer-to-peer. No sensitive information is passed through central servers.
  • VMail is compatible with every mail system capable of handling Internet mail.

In short, VMail is what Internet mail would be if it were designed today: simple, secure, reliable and verifiable.


Who Should Use VMail?

VMail is perfect for:

  • Anyone who has ever sent an important mail that got stuck in somebody else's spam quarantine.
  • Anyone that needs to be sure that the mail in their Inbox is who it says it is from.
  • Companies that need simple, secure and verifiable communication with customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Anyone that needs to send sensitive information over the Internet simply, securely and verifiably.
  • Sites with a distributed mail architecture. VMail easily and automatically enables secure communication betwee sites.
  • Service providers wishing to offer the best protection available to their customers. This includes service providers catering to consumers or businesses.

Can Everybody Use VMail?

VMail was designed for the overwhelming majority of people who comprise legitimate mail senders and receivers. Besides ensuring confidentiality of the communication and content, VMail brings accountability to the table: Every VMail can be traced irrefutably back to the sending system where the sender can be held accountable for the content sent or prove that the content had indeed been sent.